Seafile on Raspberry Pi issues in getting it working

I am new to seafile however I am very committed to making it work on my raspberry pi 2 model B.

Here is my current setup and I would like some help please in making it work as I am kinda lost after spending 2 days on it and checking and changing various things.

On my Pi I have the following installed.

PIVPN that runs on port UDP/TCP 443
PiHole that runs on port TCP 80
Also using no-ip DDNS so have given its details during setup.

My Pi’s default internal IP address is on eth0.

After reading on one of the forum it was suggested that I run a virtual interface with a different IP address for nginx to have port 80 available as the default one is used by PiHole. Nginx seems to have been installed correctly after using a virtual port (eht0:1) with a different ip (

I have installed seafile 6.2.3 and it seems to have installed correctly.

Now the issue I am getting is that when I go to - nothing comes up.
if I do -nothing comes up.

it just says page has failed to load or something.

Can someone with similar setup help me with this installation?

Thank you in advance.



i don’t know how i can help you. But i have a similar setup. I dont use virtual ports. Why do you need this? I use Seafile on Port 80 or 443 and PiHole on an different Port above 4000. Did you test PiHole or Seafile without virtual port /IPs before?
You can redirect with nginx if you like. Are you sure to have a right network configuration file?
Correct host file, nginx-files, …? All services running? Have you seen in your log-files?

I would check first the network config with default settings and afterwards with the virtual addresses (ifup, service networking restart). And ping them with an other LAN-Client. Have you one single gateway? Check, perhaps, the open port (netstat -lptn). Afterwards test two simple “hello world” sides with Nginx (service nginx restart). I hope you can understand my bad language and find a solution for your problem.