Seafile on ubuntu..confused

Hello guys

i just installed for the first time the Seafile Server on Ubuntu 14.04 …

I followed the guide here:

One question i have is:

when i installed it there are now 2 directories, one is seafile-server-latest and the other one is seafile-server-5.1.4

whats the difference between them? where i should use ./ start etc?

I tried to make seafile to run on reboot of the VPS, but i could make it work

I noticed that on the guide it says: script_path=${seafile_dir}/seafile-server-latest

I am so confused…

Also, which are the official forum for seafile? or ? :frowning:

The official forum for seafile is (This site)

“seafile-server-latest” is just a symbolic link to your latest installed version, in your case "seafile-server-5.1.4“. So use the path over “seafile-server-latest” to call your scripts, so that you don’t have to change paths after an update.