Seafile on Windows Server with Reverse Proxy and Non-root Domain

Hello everybody,

I stucked a while ago about configuring the SeaFile Server.

What I want is to reach from outside with this link should go trough IIS and there he get the SSL Certificate and rewrite URL to http://localhost:8000/clouddrive. What is my main local working site.

Everything works except the media files. I dont see any picture and CSS settings on the site.

I made a virtual directory to solve this called seafmedia whats pointing to my SeaFile Server folder/seahub/media folder. I though this will solve my problem but no.

Can anybody help me? I can share any config or give a teamviewer or anything.

Thank you very much.

IIS Config + I have a Virtual Directory salled seafmedia pointing to Server folder /seahub/media

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <rule name="seafhttp" stopProcessing="true">
       <match url="seafhttp/(.*)" />
       <action type="Rewrite" url="{R:1}" appendQueryString="false" logRewrittenUrl="true" />
        <rule name="Reverse Proxy" patternSyntax="ECMAScript" stopProcessing="true">
          <match url="(.*)" />
          <!-- Redirect all requests to non-HTTPS site. -->
          <action type="Rewrite" url="http://localhost:8000/{R:1}" logRewrittenUrl="true" />


USER_NAME = my-seafile
ID = 28bf8c56af563239b018777906a8fc7e82fdcca7
NAME = my-seafile
SERVICE_URL = http://localhost:8000/clouddrive

PORT = 10001

PORT = 13418

MEDIA_URL = ‘/seafmedia/’
STATIC_URL = MEDIA_URL + ‘assets/’
SITE_ROOT = ‘/clouddrive/’
LOGIN_URL = ‘/clouddrive/accounts/login/’ # NOTE: since version 5.0.4