Seafile Open Cloud Mesh testing and issues

OCM is a great feature been reading about it. Thanks for implementing it.

I’ve started testing it.

In some cases i have managed to share the files between servers with out problems.

In some cases i get the Error: Permission denied. Please try login again.

Ive looked at the seahub.log and I get

django.request:228 log_response Forbidden: /api/v2.1/ocm/providers/71687320-6219-47af-82f3-32012707a5ae/repos/b6546440-f026-474e-be0f-0ec83b0ad40b/dir/

Could you please shed some light on this issue?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

I have done some further testing and found that if you share a library to more then one user on the other server you get Permission denied. Which means you can share a library to only one person on the other sever even if system allows you to share the same library to more then one person.

Is this the expected behaviour?


We will give it a check.

Thank you