Seafile persistence and disaster recovery idea


I just started using Seafile and quite like it.
There is but one thing that bothers me.
The data storage I am using is quite persistent (own hosted minio over distributed lizardfs with some erasure coding).
Effectively my data can withstand quite a severe disaster, like a completely blown server.

However, I realized that if it will happen to my seafile server, I am done.
I will still have my data, but I will miss the database and config. I know I can recover the files, but it’s not what I am looking for.

Setting up the backup-server is not an option unless I could do it only for database and not data.
The periodic backup of the database and config is worth considering, but it is time-dependent. Effectively the new data is not protected until the backup.

I wonder if it would be possible to store all the necessary information together with my data so it will become protected in a real-time.
I believe I could easily do that for the config but what about the database?

I am currently using MySQL, but I wonder if SQLite would not be better.
If I remember, the SQLite is just a set of files. I could store them on my persistent storage too and be good.
Am I right?