Seafile Pro 6.1.4 rollout not working

After upgrading our testcluster to 6.1.4 the main page isn’t loading anymore.

Firefox says:
TypeError: e is undefined[Weitere Informationen] main.474678548e22.js:212:109320

Chrome says:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined at Function.x.template (main.474678548e22.js:212) at main.474678548e22.js:212 at Object.execCb (require.640929dac3c2.js:1658) at Module.check (require.640929dac3c2.js:874) at Module.enable (require.640929dac3c2.js:1151) at Object.enable (require.640929dac3c2.js:1519) at Module.<anonymous> (require.640929dac3c2.js:1136) at require.640929dac3c2.js:132 at each (require.640929dac3c2.js:57) at Module.enable (require.640929dac3c2.js:1098)

To me it seems like a bug in the build process / tar file. But then we shouldn’t be the only ones hitting this issue…

Any ideas?

Maybe a cache problem? uses 6.1.4 version too.

Not a cache problem, but that’s probably the right direction. My colleague reminded me later the day, hat it’s most probably a problem with our customized templates.
Although no template changes are noted in the changelogs you most probably did some to implement new features.

Since I was already about to go, I didn’t update this thread. Sorry for the noise.