Seafile PRO 7.0.4 Failed to downlaod directory works in 7.0.3

Hi, after migration its impossible to dowload folder, in seafile.log

[07/09/2019 01:46:03 PM] pack-dir.c(396): Failed to open temp file: No such file or directory.
[07/09/2019 01:46:03 PM] pack-dir.c(468): Failed to create pack dir data for APK.

Any idea ?


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Same here, been trying to run through logs/debug and figure out where the issue is.

edit: this probably is the cause, not sure why yet though.

seaf-server[3705]: segfault at 12 ip 00007f624b555bed sp 00007ffe4f45dc40 error 4 in[7f624b4d4000+1c0000]


7.0.5 include this dix ?


Can you check if you have the segfault too?

I think the segfault may have been related to the updates i did trying to fix the issue, upon a reboot there are no more segfaults, debug messages are not shedding any light either unless you have some additional places for me to check, the error is very generic that is received like above, there is another error related to a task that checks if the zip process is still running, that is to be expected i would assume.

We have reproduced the problem. Will be fixed in 7.0.5.