Seafile Pro 7.1 feedback

Hi, downloading a file requires an extra click with 7.1. Furthermore on chrome mobile the download menu is below the running download and cannot be clicked until the download finishes.

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Furthermore the about dialog is behind the main menu. It is also not possible to click somewhere to change it.

For the share menu the text can be out of view and there is scrollbar:

For other menus like library token, there are also issues:

And for notifications

Clients page has no navigation

The search looks good, but opens a new tab when viewing a result. It think it would be better to open in the same tab. At least for folders (because these are opened in the same tab from other places as well).

But for files I’m not sure if wouldn’t be better to open in the same tab. For a new tab browsers offer mechanism.

There seems to be some issue with file preview:

All in all the ui was mostly improved and is more consistent than before.

Unfortunately some common actions are harder to reach than before.

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More consistent, yes. But there are still some things to optimize.

There are eg at least 3 different main action buttons within the interface. Slightly confusing. :slight_smile:

File comments send button has a fixed width.


Very Very good news !!!
there is many things are new in this pro verson…
i love this
good work
keep it up,…

We will check the problems.