Seafile Pro 8.0.x: WebDAV unreachable every x days

Since I upgraded to Seafile Pro 8, every few days WebDAV seems to hang on a Ubuntu 20.4 installation until I restart the services. With the last 7.x version I didn’t have that problem. Seafile and Seahub (and nginx) are reportedly still operating properly, but after about a week, the seafdav URL cannot be reached anymore, until I restart services.

And yes, I changed the server block rules for the /seafdav directory when upgrading. Is this a known problem? Or something I can do to find out where the problem lies?

i use webdav with my Synology DiskStation to sync a Library. Seafile Server is Version 8.0.1.
So far, it works since 3 or 4 weeks.

Is there anything unusual in the logs of the Server?

I have no clue whether this is related, but I also see timeouts on WebDAV connections, which can be solved each time by “waking up” the Seafile server e.g. by loading a directory in the Seafile app. Would be great to see this fixed.

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In fact, that’s what’s happening here as well. Apps that rely on my WebDAV timeout pretty quickly depending on their settings. If I point my browser to my-url.tld/seafdav it tries to connect and never reaches the server. Seafile client and general library syncing seem to work fine.
In what way exactly do you ‘wake up’ Seafile? Though a client, e.g. Windows or Mac, or your web interface?

When you say “…timeout pretty quickly” what do you mean?

Have you posted the timeout issue at Seafile’s Github yet?

When I say that I mean ‘the apps [developed by others that incorporate WebDAV usage] have a low timeout value and report back an error in a lot shorter time than my browser does when it tries to reach the WebDAV via /seafdav’ :grinning: .
I haven’t posted anything on Github, as I wanted to see if someone else has the same problem, or if there is a common solution to this, or my mistake by any chance.

The behaviour is as described, after a few days, WebDAV from my 8.0.x installation (since 8.0.1) cannot be reached anymore. If I try it via browser, it’s trying to connect and not timing out so quickly, but still not reaching the WebDAV implementation anymore. Third-party apps are quicker and report no connection a lot earlier, since they seem to have a lower threshold.

Are you saying that some apps timeout in 2-3 days or sooner? What’s the approximate time frame?

I don’t check all the time, I probably only realise it a bit after it happened, but last time it occurred, about seven days passed since the last Seafile restart to the timeouts.

The timeout problem on the server occurs after a few days, irregardless of any app’s timeout span (i.e. at which point an app gives up trying to connect when attempting to upload and/or download via WebDAV). Please disregard the mentions of the web interface vs. third-party app timeouts, that’s just irritating and not helping this case :slight_smile: .

Seafile’s WebDAV on my installation just wouldn’t connect anymore after a few days of running, until I manually re-start the services on my Ubuntu web server. I couldn’t find anything helpful in the logs, but I’ll try to see next time it happens if I can catch anything.

Just a little heads up: The timeout seems to occur pretty much every seven days, still cannot really say a 100% accurate, as I don’t always check if the WebDAV URL is still accessible. The Seafile-related error logs are all clean and dry.
What I do is a cronjob-based garbage collection every Sunday night, but I believe that’s not related to the breaking WebDAV connection, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, even after moving to a new server, with a fresh installation of Seafile Pro (now version 9) among all the part of my Ubuntu 22.04 installation (manual installation), this is still happening. Approximately once a week, I am forced to manually restart both the seafile and the seahub service to get WebDAV running again. I do believe it’s not always the same day on which this happens. Anyone got any idea what this could be?