Seafile Pro Edition 6.0.3 is ready! A few bug fixes

This is a maintenance release with bug fixes. The full changelog:

  • [fix] Fix the shared folder link in the notification message when a user share a folder to another user
  • [fix] Update Django version from 1.8.10 to 1.8.16
  • [fix] Fix the shared folder name is not changed after the following sequence: removing the old share, renaming the folder and re-sharing the folder.
  • [fix] Fix sub-folder accidentally show the files in parent folder when the parent folder contains more than 100 files
  • [fix] Fix image preview navigation when there are more than 100 entries in a folder
  • [fix] Fix jpeg image display in IE10
  • Add support for online view of mov video files
  • Make web access token expiring time configurable
  • Add an option on server to control block size for web upload files
  • [fix] Failed to cache (set/get) WOPI_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXPIRATION due to memcached key length limit
  • [fix] Not allow user to set the permissions onto unshared folder. Because it is useless.
  • [fix] Fix condition check when display share icon for guest user
  • Support full-text search and audit log by default
  • [fix] Fix permission dialog bug when the corresponding user/group deleted

What does this mean in detail?

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In earlier versions, the Full-Text Search and Audit Log functionality was disabled by default, and you have to enable them by yourself if you want to use these features.

In 6.0.3, these features are enabled by default.