Seafile pro edition 6.0.5 is ready! A new binary packaged for Ubuntu 16.04 is also available

This is a maintenance release with following fixes and improvements.

A new binary packaged for Ubuntu 16.04 is also available. This package solves the LDAPS and Ceph library dependency problem on Ubuntu 16.04. So you don’t have to remove bundled libraries anymore.

The changelog:

  • [fix] Fix generating of password protected link in file view page
  • [fix] Fix .jpg/.JPG image display in IE10
  • Export quota usage in export Excel in user list admin page
  • [fix] Fix admin can’t delete broken libraries
  • Add “back to previous page” link in trash page, history page
  • [fix] Fix file encoding for text file editing online
  • [fix] Don’t show operation buttons for broken libraries in normal users page
  • [fix] Support both [Audit] and [AUDIT] in seafevent.conf
  • [fix] Support utf-8 characters in filename when preview in MSOffice WebApp
  • Support Collabora Online 2.0


  1. Will there always exist a specific version for Ubuntu 16.04 from now on? Just Pro (because of LDAPS and Ceph)?
  2. What are the exact differences which solve these dependency problems?
  3. Is it recommended/mandatory to use the specific version on Ubuntu 16.04 even if you don’t use clustering and LDAP? Never had problems before?

In addition: The note file at the pro download section under “Note about Packages with Ubuntu suffix - build on ubuntu-16.04 - better support LDAPS and Ceph” is missing. Just for information.

Thank you!