Seafile pro edition 6.0.6 is ready! Guest invitation and online co-authoring

This is a maintenance release with a few improvements and fixes. The guest invitation is improved. Online co-authoring for office files is added. You can now co-authoring with Collabora Online or MS office online server.

The full change log:

  • Guest invitation: Prevent the same address can be invited multiple times by the same inviter and by multiple inviters
  • Guest invitation: Add a regex to prevent certain email addresses be invited
  • Office online: support co-authoring
  • Admin can set users’ department and name when creating users
  • Show total number of files and storage in admin info page
  • Show total number of devices and recently connected devices in admin info page
  • Delete shared libraries information when deleting a user
  • Upgrade Django to 1.8.17
  • Admin can create group in admin panel
  • [fix] Fix quota check: users can’t upload a file if the quota will be exceeded after uploading the file
  • [fix] Fix quota check when copy file from one library to another
  • Add # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to, so that admin can use non-ascii characters in the file.
  • [fix] Prevent admin from access group’s wiki
  • [fix] Prevent transfering libraries to guest account
  • [fix] Prevent guest account to create share link via API v2
  • Add a log when a user can’t be find in LDAP during login, so that the system admin can know whether it is caused by password error or the user can’t be find

The storage information shown in the admin seems to be incorrect.
My user account alone already has 20 GB data,

but the storage used just shows 875181278 B (about 800 MB)

Does the hyphen mean negative? Is it because of overflow?

Hi Daniel,
Many thanks.
Would it be possible to update it on your webpage?
Best regards