Seafile pro edition 6.0.7 is ready! Setting users role from Shibboleth, ADFS support and a few fixes

This is a maintenance release with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Set users role from Shibboleth affiliation attribute (, search “Affiliation and user role”)
  • [fix] Uploading files with special names lets seaf-server crash
  • [fix] Fix reading database connection pool setting from ccnet.conf and seafile.conf
  • [fix] Fix total storage integer overflow, which is shown at the info page of admin panel)
  • [fix] Fix the password reset email gets send to the primary account email instead of the contact email of the profile.
  • [fix] Do not check path existence when delete user/group folder permission
  • Support ADFS
  • [fix] Invitation email subject does not get translated

Where is the 32bit version to download!!! Only the 64bit version can be found from your pro version download page!

There is no 32-Bit version available. (It has never been)