Seafile pro edition 6.0.8 is ready! Some improvements for system admins

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:

Improvement for admin

  • Admin can add/delete group members and change members’ role
  • Force users to change password if imported via csv
  • Support set user’s quota, name when import user via csv
  • Set user’s quota in user list page
  • Add search group by group name
  • Use ajax when deleting a user’s library in admin panel
  • Support logrotate for controller.log
  • Add a log when a user can’t be find in LDAP during login, so that the system admin can know whether it is caused by password error or the user can’t be find
  • Delete shared libraries information when deleting a user
  • Add admin API to create default library for an user
  • [ldap-sync] Support syncing users from AD/LDAP as inactive user
  • [fix] Exclude virtual libraries from storage size statistics


  • [fix] Fix user search when global address book is disabled in CLOUD_MODE
  • [fix] Avoid timeout in some cases when showing a library trash
  • Show “the account is inactive” when an inactive account try to login
  • [security] Remove viewer.js to show open document files (ods, odt) because viewer.js is not actively maintained and may have potential security bugs
  • [fix] Fix mysql gone away problem in seafevents
  • Add region config option for Swift storage backend
  • [anti-virus] Send notification to the library owner if a virus is found

did you make any change in seaf-server with ceph?

[02/28/17 11:30:31] seaf-server.c(1309): Failed to create seafile session.
[02/28/17 11:30:41] …/common/obj-backend-ceph.c(424): [Obj backend] Cannot connect to cluster: No such file or directory
[02/28/17 11:30:41] …/common/obj-backend-ceph.c(528): [Obj backend] Failed to init ceph: pool name is seafile2-fs.
[02/28/17 11:30:41] …/common/obj-store.c(139): [Object store] Failed to load backend.

It works if i go back to 6.0.6.

What operations system do you use? What pro package do you use, the Ubuntu one or the general one? It is probably a problem of the bundled Ceph library.

Of course it was that. I had just forgotten to remove one bundled library!
I prefer working with latest ceph packages for Debian.
Sorry for bothering and thanks for your work.