Seafile pro edition 6.1.3 is ready! Now users can see number of files in a folder or a library

Seafile pro edition 6.1.3 is ready. This is a maintenance release with following improvements and fixes:

  • Add context menu “details” to libraries and folders, so you can get how many files in a library or a folder.
  • Improve search result accuracy
  • [fix] Fix a bug in zip downloading an empty folder
  • Improve performance of multiple file copy and move
  • Admin can delete out-dated guest invitations
  • [fix] Fix a bug in seafile-gc “dry run” option
  • Users can restore deleted libraries by their own
  • Change default block size for files uploaded via web browser to 8MB.

Hi Daniel,

updating Seafile worked like a charm. :slight_smile: Thank you for your efforts. :slight_smile:

Just a minor question: Is it possible to delete all outdated. i.e. not accepted invitations at once?

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

The 6.1.3 installation was successful but now office documents are opened in Viewer mode into OnlyOffice.
In the previous 6.1.1 version, office documents were opened in Editor mode.
Is there any config option in seafile that could push the API call in Editor mode ?



See here for the solution

Not possible yet. We will add this improvement.

Is this only available in the pro edition or can we expect it in the ce with the next update?

CE will have this feature too.

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Ok thanks!

I mean the feature: users can see number of files in a folder or a library

Yes, I just meant the feature.

Hi @daniel.pan

a fresh installation of seafile don’t create the symlink for custom css file.
In the update scripts i can find the command ln -s …/…/…/seahub-data/custom “${media_symlink}”

best regards

I have a strange error on the realtime backupserver:

Updating seafile/seahub database …

[INFO] You are using MySQL
[INFO] updating seahub database…
[ERROR] Failed to execute sql: Duplicate column name ‘permission’

Failed to upgrade your database

This error does not occur on the realtime cloud server.

Because the database is replicated the major upgrade script only needs to be run once. On other instances the minor upgrade script should be used.

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How can you upgrade the backup server in that case? It the script runs on an error, the backup server is not updated.

I also did not receive this kind of error when I updated from 5.x to 6.x.

Since the upgrade script does update the database, and the master database is replicated to the backup server there is no need to run the upgrade script a second time.

As @shoeper already said, on other instances the minor upgrade script should be used. The same applies to cluster setups, because there is one database used for multiple instances.

Hi, Daniel!
I’ve discovered the issue in seafile v6.1.3: You can’t view animated GIF images until you actually download it. Even when you click on image to preview it (no matter where, in gallery mode or when you select ‘Open in new tab’ option). It always shows as a static thumbnail.
How can I restore the previous (e.g. seafile v6.0.13) behaviour to get the preview of animated GIF’s?

Thanks, Paul

oh!, is the view animated GIFs feature only in Pro version available? In CE with 6.1.1 are not moving the GIFs at all.

I guess you hit the same issue. It is possible that all seafile versions >= 6.1 are affected

Seafile-pro-server v6.1.4 are also affected by this issue.

Hi guys,
I’m a perfectly impressed user for many years now. And since the ARM machines are getting more and more powerfull, I’m wondering whether or when there is going to be an aarch64 version of the community edition and especially of the Server Pro edition? Why is there no Pro Server for the countless armhf and aarch64 boards? These little boards would be a perfect fit for small business and they consume so little power that the efficiency is unmatched.

Please consider to release such a Pro Server for aarch64 architecture (Odroid C2, Raspberry Pi3, and a lot of other Amlogic based boards etc.)