Seafile pro edition 6.3.8 is ready! Some long pending features added and issues fixed

This release includes some long pending features added and issues fixed and issues fixed:

  • Improve online PDF view for large PDF files (In the old version, a large PDF file consumes a lot of memory). Removing the limit of 50 pages be shown.
  • Admin can force a user to use two-factor authentication
  • Improve performance of upgrading a library’s size and file numbers
  • Don’t print a lot of “Repo size compute queue is 0”
  • Enable using WebDAV with Single Sign On (A new option ENABLE_WEBDAV_SECRET)
  • Enable login to WebDAV via contact email
  • [fix] A shared empty folder name will be updated if the folder’s name is changed

Other changes:

  • Support preview for PSD and AI files
  • [fix] Fix license information display problem
  • [fix] Fix video preview for shared link on mobile browsers
  • Redirect old wiki URL to new wiki URL
  • Hide save as button for files viewed by Office Online Server
  • When a library be transfer to another user, don’t clear the syncing tokens, so the be-shared users don’t need to re-sync the library
  • Set default quota for department groups synced from LDAP
  • Enable sync department groups in LDAP sync
  • [fix] Fix problems when downloading large list of files via Zip download
  • [fix] Fix a performance problem when get the list of all groups
  • [fix] Can change history settings for library in admin area even if the change of history settings is disable for normal users
  • Make multi-threads mode as default for Seahub

Hi Daniel - I think you have a typo in the version number - shouldn’t it be 6.3.8?

Yes, it is 6.3.8.

Hi daniel,

Could you be more explicit on how to use this option ?
Can’t find anything related here :

I also found an issue on webdav here Webdav Proxy error on Apache - #3 by gauburtin


I found the information on

# In old version, if you use Single Sign On, the password is not saved in Seafile.
# Users can't use WebDAV because Seafile can't check whether the password is correct.
# Since version 6.3.8, you can enable this option to let user's to specific a password for WebDAV login.
# Users login via SSO can use this password to login in WebDAV.
# Enable the feature. pycryptodome should be installed first.
# sudo pip install pycryptodome==3.7.2


Can you guys also update your Seafile Pro Docker?


There is a bug in Pro 6.3.8 that will case seaf-server segment fault. We will upload a new version soon.

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6.2.8? Not 6.3.8?

Why do you release a beta version for pro (as always)? You don’t keep your word regarding features first being tested for weeks in the community version (did you ever?).

This doesn’t even make any sense since you limit the functionality in CE.

You most probably will never experience “the” big customer wave doing it the way you do until now.

As asked a million times already, please fix that. :slight_smile:

We have a testing/release workflow. Some bugs can’t be found in testing phase until under heavy usage in production. This is a normal scenario.

On the other hand, most of the releases are very stable, for example, the CE version 6.3.5 released on 2018/09/15 don’t have any major issue so far. The last Pro version 6.3.7 released two months ago also has no major issue.


A new version 6.3.9 is uploaded.


Thanks for your fast turnaround!

It is very understandable that bugs cause frustration. On the other hand, even diligent testing efforts are no guarantee against bugs. Just as a reminder: It happens even in the best of families:

(I would argue that the world’s most valuable company in the world - at this point in time - cannot be doing it soo terribly wrong.)

This said, I have a question: The Seafile roadmap states that “A new minor version will be marked as beta for about 2 weeks. When no important bugs are found, we will remove the beta mark and consider it as production ready.”

Is this process still lived by? I think it makes a lot of sense.

Hi daniel,

I think i found a bug related to LDAP imported users

Some of us can no longer upgrade from 6.3.6 if we are running sqlite. Will that be fixed in a future version?

The Pro version does not support SQLite as database.

Though in old versions, most features worked when using SQLite, as we are adding more features, the compatibility with SQLite will be harder to maintain.

Is there an easy way to convert the database to SQL without reinstalling everything?


Can you confirm something is being done with my API feedback? I’ve been asking this for months now. Zero communication on Seafile’s end is quite disappointing tbh.

This is #1 wished for:
Please expose the notifications that are already visible in seahub (this one is important for me)

This is #1 bug that would be in need of a fix:
Getting an OWA link seems to always return ‘path invalid’ although the path is valid (this one is important to me as it stands between a system with an online office feature or none at all, where the latter is disappointing)

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Currently it is not implemented as an API in version 6.3. In version 7.0, as we rewrite the interface, it will be implemented as an API.

Getting an OWA link seems to always return ‘path invalid’ although the path is valid (this one is important to me as it stands between a system with an online office feature or none at all, where the latter is disappointing)

The API is used in one of our project. It should work. Have you encode the PATH parameter? On the other hand, it is designed for pro edition, if you are a customer, you can send a support email. Otherwise the support of the API issues is beyond our scope.