Seafile pro edition 7.0.2 beta is ready for testing!


This release fixes a few issues and adds back some missing features. We will release a community edition in the next week. The changelog:

  • UI fixes
  • Support using different salt for each encrypted libraries
  • Add back sub-folder permission feature
  • Improved user’s settings page and file search page
  • Support transfer personal library to department
  • Add publishing library to role permission

Note, to enable using new encrypted libraries with different salt for different libraries, you need to add the following configuration to


Currently the mobile clients and desktop clients does not supported new version of encrypted library yet. After we upgrade the clients, we will make the setting as default.


Thanks for the great work!

My take-away from testing Seafile 7.0.2 :

  • Working with tables and pictures in the MD editor works like a charm. I like the context menu for tables. Inserting/scaling pictures is as easy as it can get. Especially inserting pictures from libraries is a nice addition. The “mark & comment” function is very intuitive. (Only one minor nice-to-have comfort feature I was missing is “rotate picture”.)
  • The column view is production-ready. Dragging&dropping is really straighforward. Moving files and folders across columns makes organising files as straightforward as in any file explorer. Automatic refreshes ensure an always consistent view.
  • File tagging does what it is meant to do. No frills.
  • The new JS-based personal settings page looks cleaner and fresher than its predecessor - and it is consistent with the main page. (Just one little comment: While I could scroll on the page in Chrome, it didn’t work in Firefox.)
  • I saw a great many smaller improvements besides those mentioned in the post: Advanced search, consistent handling of files being opened in the column view, …

Here is also one question: Is this

related to this discussion?


Will the community release include file search? :slight_smile:


You never give up :grin:


If Seafile CE comes with file search, we will definitely miss your permanent insisting.


:grin: :muscle:


I won’t know what to do with my time when that happens!


Maybe the search function is the unique selling point of the pro version and will not be part of the CE. It could be somewhat similar to Dropbox putting 1TB in the free version…



You find a pretty comprehensive juxtaposition of Seafile CE’s and Seafile PE’s feature set here:

I doubt (and can substantiate this doubt from customer discussions) that it is the search function that tips the scale for PE customers.