Seafile PRO edition - Automat user

Hi @daniel.pan,
in our company we are thinking about buying PRO edition. We have exactly 9 employees so fitting into first paid class. But we have some cron jobs and robots which uploading files over SeaDrive or WebApi. For this operations we have created a few user(want to see in history how files was uploaded/updated) which don’t need PRO features.

Is there ability to use 9 active users(employees) with PRO edition powers and for example 2-3 users for robots as CE?

And second: Is there ability to send invoice to as and we pay over bank account? We don’t have and don’t want to have Firm paypal account.

That’s a really good question that I am interested in the answer for as well. Can you run the pro server with more users than you have a license for, and just mark certain users as a “pro” user and others as a “community” user?

Just tested it, pro refuses to start if you have more users than your license permits. What a shame.

You mean like “Service Users”?

Yes, exactly. So I know from history that “This file was added by CRM”, “this file was sent as mail attachment” …


Could you add the role “service account” which can only be used for API or via webdav / fuse?

Sounds like a interesting idea.

My idea was disable user to login on seahub(most PRO features are there) cause we need this user login in SeaDrive client