Seafile Pro in Kubernetes: yaml files


I think this category is probably most appropriate for this post. I’ve been playing around with Kubernetes and wanted to deploy Seafile Pro into a Kubernetes cluster.
You can find my yaml file for the entire deployment in the following path:

For persistent storage, I used nfs. Obviously you’ll have to modify this to your particular environment, but hopefully this will make it easier for people trying to do something similar.



will try and test…thanks your sharing…
wish can use in my environment…

did it work guys?

I wonder if you had to run garbage collector on schedule.
and if yes then how?

Hello eleaner,

I’ve been running this successfully for a few months now. My implementation is small so I have not had a need to run the garbage collector in an automated way; I run it via kubectl occasionally when I feel it may be necessary. There is no easy way to do this outside of modifying the image since we cannot add schedule jobs to the container post deployment. You could schedule a cron job on a machine that has kubectl and access…but that is more of a hack. The other thought is running another container inside the pod with the server that can call the server to run the script. This is better, but not great since you would need to do a bit of configuration as well.

Sorry, I’m not sure there is an easy “standard” way to do this.