Seafile Pro install starting issue with Ubuntu

I’ve followed the directions to install the Seafile Pro version (I’m fine with 3 users) except with sqlite using excerpts from all three of the common how-to’s:

I’ve stopped before the nginx part.

I seem to have it completely installed and working if I manually start the processes:
./ stop
./ stop

However, when the services runs from systemctl, I cannot access the web page at :8080 like when I run it manually. The strange part is it’s running in the background according to netstat and other commands. If I stop and start if manually, it’s fine.

Any ideas?

Are you using “start-fastcgi” in /lib/systemd/system/seahub.service?

Yes, yes I was. I regret I don’t know what that parameter does, but I just removed it and it works! Thank you!

Is there a reason to put it back, perhaps after I finish the nginx part for https?

What version of Pro are you using? Version 6.2.x fastcgi is not recommended any longer.

Ahh ok. I’ll use those new instructions. I downloaded 6.2.7 Ubuntu.

Thanks again!