Seafile pro license

Good afternoon, everyone,

through a server change I had to do a new installation. Since we have a license, I downloaded and installed the Pro version as installation package. Now I have the problem that the license file is not read in.

Seafile was installed under the directory


is installed and the license file is also located in this directory. The permission for the directory and also for the license file (777) is set to the user Seafile.

What do I not understand or am I doing wrong?


HI Olaf,

welcome to the Community Forum.

What is the error message when you start the server?
What is the name of the license file? Is it possible that the name is not seafile-server.txt?


Hi Ralf,

in the log, he says the license was loaded:

[04/15/20 20:44:41] …/common/session.c(156): using config file /srv/seafile/conf/ccnet.conf
[04/15/20 20:44:41] …/common/license.c(402): Loading license file /srv/seafile/seafile-license.txt …

But in the administration it still says “Community Edition”.

I don’t get it.


I am not sure I do understand. When you start Seafile, the script does not throw an error message, right?

Then it must be a caching issue. Please empty your browser cache and SeaHub’s cache at /tmp/seahub_cache. You can also purge nginx’ cache.