Seafile Pro question

Hello everyone. Our team is interested in using seafile as a permanent alternative to Onedrive. We downloaded the community edition and it all seemed to work well, except the fact that users that have been shared a document cannot share this document with other users signed up in the server (even with admin status).

Wondering if by downloading the pro edition (3 free pro users), we would be able to keep inviting regular users into the server (with community version powers). That way we can circumvent our problem.

Anyone got any insight?

Thank you

I actually can’t understand your question very well. When you share a library or folder, you can choose the “Admin” permission, which allows the library/folder to be re-shared to another user. If you share a document by share link, there is no limitation on how many users can access the link.

There is no difference with regard to this feature in Community and Pro Edition.

After sharing files or folders from an owner to an admin, the admin cannot further share this folder or file with other users the same way. The only options to share these shared documents (from admin) is only links, and not specific users like an owner can, does that make sense?

The community edition has no option to allow re-sharing a shared library/folder. The “Admin” permission I mentioned is different from the “admin” you understood. If I’m correct, you mean the user is the system admin. The admin permission I said is described in Sharing files and folders - Seafile User Manual This permission is only available in Pro edition.