Seafile pro server 6.2.13 is ready! A few fixes

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes:

  • [fix] Fix bug of saving file via onlyoffice.
  • [fix] Fix bug when set user’s reference id to ‘’ via admin api.
  • [fix] Fix bug of empty group info page displayed in organization admin panel.
  • [improve] Disable full email search if current user is a guest user.
  • [fix] Add user auth info to cookie when login via OAuth.
  • [fix] Check quota when copy/move file/folder.
  • [fix] Distinguish library or folder share when sending library/folder sharing notification via email.
  • [fix] Remove unused Python imports in ADFS module.
  • [fix] Fix a performance problem in generating activities records.
  • [fix] Remove redundant gunicorn access log (runtime/access.log)
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This bug is not fixed, apparently.

This bug is also annoying

Hi, this two bugs are fixed

Thank you !

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this release does not fix import script limitations


Sorry for the mistake. The bug was reported after we prepared the 6.2.13 package. It will be available in 6.2.14 package or 6.3 package.