Seafile Pro server shows as Community server

Hi guys,

I discovered some problem lately as my Seafile Pro Server (free license for up to 3 users) shows in the Web UI as a community edition, and the search engine does not work anymore in the Android App, Desktop App or in the Web App (since it thinks it is just a Community Edition, it seems to disable the search feature. Elastic Search is running on the server nonetheless).

Funnily, it shows as a Pro Edition in the Windows Desktop App.

API2 Server-Info: {“version”: “7.1.7”, “encrypted_library_version”: 2, “features”: [“seafile-basic”, “seafile-pro”]}

Screenshot Seafile

I cleaned the cache of Seahub and rebooted the machine, yet to no avail.

Any ideas?

… just if someone else encounters this problem, I solved it.

I upgraded to Ubuntu Server 20 LTS, leaving some prerequisites uninstalled. So i just installed them as shown in the manual and also installed Memcached (the manual runs into an error that memcached is not installed, so just installed it using “sudo apt-get install libmemcached-dev zlib1g-dev”).

And now Seafile works also on Ubuntu 20.

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