Seafile Pro shows as Community or something else wrong?

I pulled the seafile pro docker image by using the following commands :-

docker login
Username & password as detailed in manual

Login Succeeded

docker run -d --name seafile-vault3 -e SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT=true -e -e SEAFILE_ADMIN_EMAIL=@***** -e SEAFILE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=******** -v E:\seafile-data:/shared -p 80:80 -p 443:443

This seemed to run fine yielding

Unable to find image ‘’ locally
latest: Pulling from seafileltd/seafile-pro
fff189920a87: Pull complete
295f15bb27fa: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:7d84991cfdd9df463f8ce724a5a618ee4989fa3a39a37f10ddb89c767dd3a4df
Status: Downloaded newer image for

Loging in in the stem admin > info it shows Community edition…

Amy ideas as to what went wrong, the image is a different size to the community one I pulled on the same docker host…

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No help here unfortunately, but the same thing did happen to me today. I noticed that the symlink pointing to “latest” in the image is broken as it points to the wrong version that isn’t installed… probably all related.

Did you end up finding a fix?


@silenttalk - Just an FYI that I deleted everything and started over this afternoon and the same thing happened again.

Then this evening I came back for one more round, and this time it installed correctly pulling the pro version into the UI. Maybe something was fixed in the interim… might be worth another run.

Make sure to pull the image again. Otherwise the locally available one is being used.

Same happened here. Was running docker commands made me crazy - finally i found out that my custom admin was not created and furthermore it was the Community Edition Image.

Update: @shoeper proposal: fetched the new image and did the installation (run) like mentioned --> same effect: installs community version with default user

Seams that the Dockerfile or a filepath is damaged?

No, nothing is broken. I’ve just tested it again.

strange issue: i am hosting my docker (version 17.12.1-ce) on ubuntu 18.04 lts, after the docker login i run this command

docker run -d --name seafile_pro
-v /opt/seafile-data:/shared
-p 80:80

This installs the 6.2.10 community edition.

A second test on docker for mac (18.03.1-ce-mac65 ) with same commands installs properly, even with user+pass credentials! Different port exposure did not work. on mac i had to change to a fixed IP address, which makes a difference here. @silenttalk Would be nice if you could test it with a fixed IP and give a short feedback.

There might be an issue on the Ubuntu!? Or any idea to look deeper?

docker run does not update the docker image. You have an old faulty one on your disk.

I only image i have on disk is a different wone - my current test environment - on the ubuntu server disk:

all others were removed, and the testcontainer ist stopped when running the command.

What does docker images say?

I just downloaded the 1.71 GB latest (first in list)   latest              fac8ede30a48        35 hours ago        1.71GB
xama/docker-seafile-pro                      latest              a48723b6dd85        3 weeks ago         1.22GB
portainer/portainer                          latest              50c62d83c09c        4 weeks ago         54.1MB
onlyoffice/documentserver                    latest              8e7aab68a1ec        8 weeks ago         1.76GB

Fyi: The docker mac test from above has same size and timestamp signature, I assume its the same base image. (ImageId is the same also two different machines)

There is no CE in that image. Could be the browser cache.

browser cache? I can not follow you here.
When i make a fresh run (including the image fetch), then testing with fixed IP setting, I cannot login with my credentials passed in the command. I have to use the asecret to login - then in the systems administration there it says community edition

→ generated from the latest

Update: I figured out that my docker installation was an old one from times of So now I did an uninstall and a fresh setup as recommended for Docker CE and 18.04 LTS now running Docker Version stable 18.03.1-ce

I will remove all images+containers and test the docker run script again.

Finally, same issue → Community Version with default logins

TOOLTIP: Great UI for Docker is (itself running inside docker and webbased)

What shows seafile-address/api2/server-info/

Edit: btw there is no CE 6.2.10.

version “6.2.10”
0 “seafile-basic”
1 “seafile-pro”

Great Tip, did not know that!

This seams a setup issue then, right?

That means you have Seafile pro installed.


This is were it says Upgrade to Pro.

and this is my initial Docker Bootlog from Ubuntu Install:

*** Running /etc/my_init.d/,
*** Running /etc/my_init.d/,
*** Running /etc/rc.local...,
*** Booting runit daemon...,
*** Runit started as PID 26,
*** Running /scripts/,
Jun 21 14:10:26 6e3613c85b47 syslog-ng[37]: syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.6',
[2018-06-21 14:10:28] Skip running because there is existing seafile-data folder.,
** Message: seafile-controller.c(1124): loading seafdav config from /opt/seafile/conf/seafdav.conf,
[06/21/18 14:10:28] ../common/session.c(139): using config file /opt/seafile/conf/ccnet.conf,
[06/21/18 14:10:28] ../common/license.c(440): Loading license file /opt/seafile/seafile-license.txt ..,
[06/21/18 14:10:28] ../common/license.c(443): License file /opt/seafile/seafile-license.txt does not exist, allow at most 3 trial users,
License file /opt/seafile/seafile-license.txt does not exist, allow at most 3 trial users,
Starting seafile server, please wait ...,
** Message: seafile-controller.c(1124): loading seafdav config from /opt/seafile/conf/seafdav.conf,
Seafile server started,
LC_ALL is not set in ENV, set to en_US.UTF-8,
Starting seahub at port 8000 ...,
Seahub is started,

Currently I have a double-edged feeling about the installation. Do you have an idea, why the installer behaves differently? I want to start with a rock-solid install and Mac seams to be good, but Ubuntu has this weird issue.

@silenttalk or @andreas.huber

EDIT: Apologies! I figured this out. I missed the migration step!

docker exec -it seafile /opt/seafile/seafile-server-latest/pro/ setup --migrate

Leaving the original comment so others can search and save some time:

Did anyone figure out a fix for this issue? I’m having the same thing almost 3 years later:

I’ve been working to get Seafile up and running on my Linux server. I’ve installed it using the Pro Docker container, but it keeps telling me that the version I’m running is the Community version.

I’ve deleted the container and image and redownloaded it many, many times (as well as all other images on my computer). Cleared the browser cache. shows:

{"version": "9.0.4", "encrypted_library_version": 2, "features": ["seafile-basic"]}

Here is my docker compose file:

    image: mariadb:10.5
    container_name: seafile-mysql
    restart: unless-stopped
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=${SFDBPASS}  # Requested, set the root's password of MySQL service.
      - MYSQL_LOG_CONSOLE=true
      - ${STORAGE}/seafile/seafile-mysql/db:/var/lib/mysql  # Requested, specifies the path to MySQL data persistent store.
      - seafile-net

    image: memcached:1.5.6
    container_name: seafile-memcached
    restart: unless-stopped
    entrypoint: memcached -m 256
      - seafile-net
    image: elasticsearch:7.16.2
    container_name: seafile-elasticsearch
    restart: unless-stopped
      - discovery.type=single-node
      - bootstrap.memory_lock=true
      - "ES_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms1g -Xmx1g"
        soft: -1
        hard: -1
    mem_limit: 2g
      - ${CONFIG}/seafile/seafile-elasticsearch/data:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data  # Requested, specifies the path to Elasticsearch data persistent store.
      - seafile-net
    container_name: seafile
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "39205:80"
#      - "443:443"  # If https is enabled, cancel the comment.
      - ${STORAGE}/seafile/seafile-data:/shared   # Requested, specifies the path to Seafile data persistent store.
      - ${CONFIG}/seafile/seafile-templates:/templates # follow this guide to replace the templates to make the Nginx inside the container work with the Nginx outside:
      - DB_HOST=db
      - DB_ROOT_PASSWD=${SFDBPASS} # Requested, the value shuold be root's password of MySQL service.
      - TIME_ZONE=${TZ}  # Optional, default is UTC. Should be uncomment and set to your local time zone.
      - SEAFILE_ADMIN_EMAIL=${EMAIL} # Specifies Seafile admin user, default is ''.
      - SEAFILE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=${SFPASS}     # Specifies Seafile admin password, default is 'asecret'.
      - SEAFILE_SERVER_LETSENCRYPT=false   # Whether to use https or not.
      - SEAFILE_SERVER_HOSTNAME=seafile.${DOMAIN} # Specifies your host name if https is enabled.
      - VIRTUAL_HOST=seafile.${DOMAIN}
      - LETSENCRYPT_HOST=seafile.${DOMAIN}

      - db
      - memcached
      - elasticsearch
      - seafile-net
      - proxy-tier


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