Seafile server 6.0.0 beta is ready for testing!

We are proud to announce that Seafile 6.0 has been released. Version 6.0 introduce a full screen Web UI and several other improvements. The translations is not ready yet.

Because we have done quite a few code cleaning, some minor features maybe broken though we have tested as much as we can.

Welcome to test it and give us feedbacks.

You can download it from:

Here are an overview of changes in version 6.0:

Full screen Web UI

If you have a wide screen, the new full screen can take the advantage to show more contents in a line. If you have a narrow screen, the new interface can also adapt to it.


Change of navigation labels

The navigation label is changed according to feedbacks from users:

  • Mine → My Libraries
  • Shared → Shared with me
  • Organization → Shared with all
  • Groups → Shared with groups
  • Starred → Favorites
  • Devices → Linked Devices

Improve zip downloading by adding zip progress

In the old version, a problem with the zip download is that when the zip takes a lot of time, the web UI does not response. If the zip task takes a few minutes, the user does not know what is happening.

In version 6.0, the zip task will be performed in the background and the Web UI will show a progress. This greatly improve usibility.

Add file comment

In Seafile old version, there was a function that you can comment on a file. It was actually starting a group discussion with the file as attachment. As we redesign the group feature in version 5.1, this “group discussion with a file” was removed. But there are some requests and use case for file comment, so in this version, we add a real file comment feature back.

Other Changes

  • [admin] Add group transfer function in admin panel
  • Remove number of synced libraries in devices page for simplify the interface and concept
  • Update help pages

Install and work fine in Ubuntu Server 16.04 x64 with Sqlite3…

Tomorrow try with MySQL

Best regards

Id would like to see the Items circled in green match the Items circled in red.


  • My Libraries

  • Shared With Me

  • Shared With All

  • Shared With Groups

  • Favorites

  • Activities

  • Linked Devices



  • My Libraries

  • Shared with me

  • Shared with all

  • Shared with groups

  • Favorites

  • Activities

  • Linked Devices

  • Capital letters for everything to match and be uniform.
  • Remain the same with lowercase letters.
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Was any version of Seafile running before you went to 16.04 or was this all a clean install to 16.04? Any issues with getting Seafile to start on startup with 16.04?

Thanks for version 6.0.0.
I found an issue. The webinterface now only displays the first 100 files in a folder.
When using the seafile client for windows (5.1.4) i can see all files in the folder.
I assume there is a display problem via webinterface?

//EDIT: When viewing the folder via shared link, i can access all files above 100.

Nice catch. Thanks. We will fix it in the next release.

It’s was a clean install, and never problem when Seafile to autostart

Install and work fine in Ubuntu Server 16.04 x64 with MySQL

And finally install and work fine in Ubuntu Server 16.04 x64 with PostgreSQL

Thank you.
Is there a way to temp fix it until you release the next version?

I’m sorry there is no temp fix because the javascript file need to be modified and recompiled.

Thanks for this new release and also that you re-establish a beta phase. That improves your release management a lot.

We always have a beta version when publishing a new minor or major release, like 5.0.0 is a beta verison and 5.1.0 is a beta version.

How does the web ui adapt to mobile devices?
Other (non-seafile) useres often open shared links on their mobile phones.
In 5.1.4 everything is tiny on the phone…

The folder page is redesigned for mobile phone.

File view page is improved but not changed much. For example, for PDF file view, the page is still rendered as 980px wide and is shrunk for the screen.

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Looks quite nice!

Problems I found so far:

  • The “Personal wiki” is missing the index page. Group wiki on the other hand is improved with the index page in an own frame, which is great.
  • Using a link to a headline on the same site (anchor) at a wiki-site results in the loss of the first three rows. They are covered by the new grey bar on the top. Maybe it’s possible to add an offset there?
  • if I open the menu-button at my mobile phone (iPhone 4s) it’s nearly impossible to scroll it down

Just realized that “shared with groups” remembers that I opened the group list and the next time I log in with the same browser it is still “open”, that’s really awesome!

Anyone know if there are any issues with custom CSS…
Here is my current CSS:

/* Center content hover color*/
.hl {
  background-color: #cee3f8;

/* Center pane text colors*/
a {
color: #666666;

a:hover {

color: #003265;

 /* Selected left sidebar*/
 .side-tabnav-tabs .tab-cur a, .side-tabnav-tabs .tab-cur a:hover {
 background-color: #0077c0;

/* Sidebar Menu Header Text (Personal, Admin Share)*/
.side-tabnav h3.hd, .side-tabnav .hd h3 {
 color:  #000000;

/* Sidebar Hover color*/
.side-tabnav-tabs .tab a:hover {
background-color: #cee3f8;

.tabnav-tab-cur a, .tabnav-tab a:hover, .wiki-nav .cur-item .link, .wiki-nav .link:hover, #right-panel .hd .ui-state-active .a, #right-panel .hd .a:hover {
border-bottom-color: #FFFFFF; /* Second menu underline bar*/
color: #FFFFFF;/* Second menu text color*/
text-decoration: none;

/* Main Nav Menu text hover color*/
#header .nav .a:hover {
color: #99cc00;

/* Login Menu Top Bar*/
.new-narrow-panel .hd {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #0077c0;
border-bottom: 1px solid #D5D5D5;
color: #FFFFFF;
font-size: 16px;
padding: 5px 20px;

/*Second Menu Color*/
#right-panel .hd, .tabnav, .repo-file-list-topbar, .wiki-top {
background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #0077c0;
border-radius: 2px 2px 2px 2px;
margin-bottom: 0.5em;
padding: 9px 10px;

/*Upload Progress Bar Color*/
.progress .bar {

I use a custom CSS and didn’t notice any issues at my site.

I just upgraded my server. The web interface is working fine, but the Android and Linux clients can’t get a list of the libraries.

I tried logging out and logging back in in the Linux client, but I am getting the following error:

[12/08/16 07:20:48 PM]request failed for https://MYSERVERADDRESS/api2/auth-token/: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
<html lang="en">
    <title>Page unavailable</title>
    <h1>Page unavailable</h1>

    <p>Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a
    server hiccup.</p>

    <p>Our eng

[12/08/16 07:20:50 PM]Failed to login: Internal Server Error

When I visit that page in a browser, I get {"detail":"Method \"GET\" not allowed."}.

Can you check what’s in logs/seahub*.log ?