Seafile server 6.0.2 is ready! It is a stable release

See our blog for the detailed information:

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Great! Will there be a Pro version as well?

They upgrade goes through without errors. When I open Seahub I only see the logo and a spinning wheel. Nothing loads.

Does using the client work?

With older versions this problem usually occurred if you were logged in while performing the upgrade. Try another browser to see if this is a server or browser problem.

Thanks for the release! I’m already on 6.0.3.

There is still a bug with the 100 files (pictures) limit in a folder.
Open a folder with eg. more than 500 pictures.
Seafile loads only the first 100. If you click a picture to view, you can see 1/100 files in the bottom right corner of the image.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the folder, seafile loads additionally 100 files.
For the next 100 files you need again scroll down.
So for over 500 files you need to scroll down 5x.
Then you can click on a picture to get 1/500 pictures in the preview.


//EDIT: When you see all files in the folder (pictures) and you sort new by name or by date seafile displays again only 100 files … and you need to again scroll down to the bottom to get all files displayed.

The desktop and mobile clients actually work. Using a fresh browser doesn’t help. I opened a seperate topic for this.