Seafile server 6.0.4 is ready! Fix WebDAV interface and other fixes

This is a maintenance release with a few fixes. The complete changelog:

  • [fix] Fix not able to move files via WebDAV interface
  • Check whether the quota will exceed before saving the uploaded file to Seafile via Web UI or API
  • [fix] Fix owner can’t restore a deleted file or folder in snapshot
  • [fix] Fix UI of personal profile page
  • [fix] Fix in some cases mobile devices can’t be unlinked
  • [fix] Fix connection problem for the latest MariaDB in initialisation script
  • [fix] PNG Thumbnail creation broken in 6.0.3 (getexif failes)
  • Make maxNumberOfFiles configurable
  • [fix] Remember the sorting of libraries
  • Add Finnish translation
  • Video + audio no longer be limited by max preview size

Thank you for that addition.

Thank you Daniel!

Just upgraded from 5.1.4 to 6.0.4, no issues to report everything is working great (running on Debian and mysql).

Thank you guys for your amazing work!



Thanks for the release. Update without problems.
This issue still remains: Seafile server 6.0.2 is ready! It is a stable release

There is no upgrade script if you are already on 6.x. I had to use script and comment out the db upgrade portion.

I do have the in my upgrade folder, this is the one you should use when upgrading from a 6.0.x to a 6.0.y.


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It will be fixed in version 6.0.6.