Seafile server 6.0.6 is ready! Fix SQLite database locking problem and add online view for .mov videos

This is a maintenance release with a few fixes. The full changelog:

  • [fix] Fix the shared folder link in the notification message when a user share a folder to another user
  • [fix] Update Django version from 1.8.10 to 1.8.16
  • [fix] Fix support for PostgreSQL
  • [fix] Fix SQLite database locking problem
  • [fix] Fix the shared folder name is not changed after removing the old share, renaming the folder and re-sharing the folder
  • [fix] Fix sub-folder accidentially show the files in parent folder when the parent folder contains more than 100 files
  • [fix] Fix image preview navigation when there are more than 100 entries in a folder
  • Add support for online view of mov video files
  • Make web access token expiring time configurable
  • Add an option on server to control block size for web upload files