Seafile server 6.0.8 is ready! A number of improvements for admins

This release contains work we done in the last two months. A number of functions are added for the benefit of system admins. Full changelog is following:

Improvement for admin

  • Admin can add/delete group members
  • Admin can create group in admin panel
  • Show total storage, total number of files, total number of connected devices in the info page of admin panel
  • Force users to change password if imported via csv
  • Support set user’s quota, name when import user via csv
  • Set user’s quota in user list page
  • Add search group by group name
  • Use ajax when deleting a user’s library in admin panel
  • Support logrotate for controller.log
  • Add # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- to, so that admin can use non-ascii characters in the file.
  • Ingore white space character in the end of lines in ccnet.conf
  • Add a log when a user can’t be find in LDAP during login, so that the system admin can know whether it is caused by password error or the user can’t be find
  • Delete shared libraries information when deleting a user


  • [fix] Uploading files with special names lets seaf-server crash
  • [fix] Avoid timeout in some cases when showing a library trash
  • Show “the account is inactive” when an inactive account try to login
  • [security] Remove viewer.js to show open document files (ods, odt) because viewer.js is not actively maintained and may have potential security bugs
  • [fix] Fix quota check: users can’t upload a file if the quota will be exceeded after uploading the file
  • [fix] Fix quota check when copy file from one library to another
  • [fix] Fix PostgreSQL support
  • Update Django to 1.8.17
  • Change time_zone to UTC as default
  • [fix] Prevent admin from access group’s wiki
  • [fix] Fix a bug when download folder in grid view
  • [fix] Fix user search when global address book is disabled in CLOUD_MODE