Seafile server 6.1.2 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with a few fixes and improvements:

  • Use user language as lang setting for OnlyOffice
  • Improve performance for getting users’ unread messages
  • Fix error when uploading files to system default library template
  • Users can restore their own deleted libraries
  • Improve performance when move or copy multiple files/folders
  • Add “details” for libraries, folders and files to show information like how many files in a library/folder
  • [fix] Fix a bug in seaf-gc
  • [fix, API] Fix a bug in creating folder API
  • [admin] Improve performance in getting total file number, used space and total number of devices
  • [fix] Fix MySQL connection pool in Ccnet

Thanks for the new release.
Is the switch to WSGI as the default mode for deploying Seahub done?

This is indicated on the roadmap, It will be for version 6.2

6.2 (2017/09)

  • Support changing of a user’s primary email.
  • Add an option to enable users to share a library to any groups in the system.
  • (pro) Library owner can set other users and groups as admin for a library.
  • (pro) Admin can view statistics for file downloads, storage usage, active number of users.
  • (pro) System admins can be devided into multiple roles with different permissions.
  • Use WSGI as the default mode for deploying Seahub. The FastCGI mode will be deprecated.
  • Improve file comments

I know the roadmap but in the startup files i can’t find any changes.

Why do you want to see changes in the startup file while the version is not yet released ?

oh sorry my mistake

Please document this in the Server manual before the release of this version. Many many users will report problems after the upgrade because the webserver and service config will have to be changed most probably at multiple locations.