Seafile server 8.0.6: "Error happened during creating seafile admin"

I just tried upgrading seafile server from 8.0.5 to 8.0.6, but seahub spits out the message “Error happened during creating seafile admin” and then refuses to work. Does anyone know what might be going on here?

I’ll look into it more when I get some time, but am hoping that someone might have a hint for me, or a quick solution.

Thanks in advance.

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When upgrading, there is no need for a new admin account and, no, Seafile does not try to create one when upgrading.

When upgrading from 8.0.5 to 8.0.6, all you need to do is to run the minor-update script.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I did run the minor-update script, and didn’t do other installation. The error message appears when starting up seahub. And then seahub fails to function (i.e. access via the web fails; didn’t really look into it much further).

Did your Seafile 8.0.5 work properly ?

If yes,

I guess you will have to. I have never come across your problem.