Seafile server crashed, How to recover it from backup?

Dear All,

I have been using seafile version 6.1.2 on Centos 7 but unfortunately server host crashed :frowning: I have available my seafile-data and databases ccnet-db.sql , seafile-db.sql and seahub-db.sql in my Backup :slight_smile: . How I can recover , Should I need to install fresh seafile server and copy seafile-data to new seafile data directory and restore databases to new databases; ?? is it a proper way to recover the crashed server. can someone please guide me how I can recover and restore seafile sever with backup??

Please help me , Thanks in advance.

is there any documentation available for Moving/migrating Seafile to a new server ?? Please share

Please help me, should I need to install fresh same version 6.1.2 or any version on new centos host and start recovering in manual guide

Any other task need to be done ?? major version should be ok ? And even I don’t have old seafile databases password available :frowning: is it require?

Someone Please help me . I’m a Linux beginner.

Even though I’m sure you figured it out in the meantime: on the new server

  1. Mount the folder
  2. Import databases
  3. Install seafile


  1. Install seafile
    Stop seafile
  2. Import e.g overwrite databases
  3. Import e.g. overwrite folder
    Start seafile

I prefer the first way but not sure what works better

Thanks a lot @mulmer, I have preferred second option and all went well. Now everything up and running :slight_smile::slight_smile:

glad to hear that it all worked out for you ! and that I now can be sure that overwriting the DB and seafile Folder ist enough to get the server running again.

I didn’t have this case yet but I’m sure I will need to do it some day…

Yes,Overwriting the DB and seafile Folder and executed done everything worked.
I was using seafile 6.1.2 and installed same version on new machine. @mulmer

Could you please provide some more details about how to “import the databases”?
I have

  • seahub-db.sql
  • seafile-db.sql
  • ccnet-db.sql
    backups available.


Edit: Ok, found something here: Seafile documentation
Will try. Keep your fingers crossed!