Seafile server in kubernetes


I recently switched my personal Seafile server to run inside docker container on top of k8s cluster. For those who interested, here is the article describing my current installation:

It also uses custom docker image for Seafile. I am unhappy with official image because of the several reasons:

  • it uses launcher. it looks like another wheel reinvention to me, since we already have orchestration tools for docker
  • it includes nginx and mysql. Well, nginx and mysql are good examples of services which may be shared between different applications and I do not think this is a good idea.
  • it is multiprocess container. If some component fails (like seahub), I had to restart all of them.

Overall, it looks like official docker image for Seafile contradicts with docker philosophy. And it is not convenient to use it in other environment besides pure docker.


Hi, @gorilych, I 100% agree with your point related to breaking down the multi-process container into multiple. I tried to lookk at your link and git a 503 error. Any possibility to have it back again ? Thanks !

unfortunately, I lost this article due to hw failure. You can check source code for helm package and docker image here:

thanks to your sharing… the official docker image also make some trouble to me…hahaha

I wrote my own docker file as well some time ago along with some docker compose examples. It even managed the update from 6 to 7 :smiley: