Seafile server management wrapper script

Just wanted to share the script I wrote for myself to make it easier to manage my Seafile Community Edition server instance. The idea is to increase safety by ensuring that I don’t accidentally start Seafile while, for example, doing garbage collection, and that I don’t accidentally do more than one operation at a time, e.g. garbage collection and fsck --repair at the same time. If it’s useful to anyone I’d love to hear about that, as well as any feedback you have that can make it better.


I think I’ll use it most time, but the automatic logging of gc and fsck is nice.
I made a PR with a installation Makefile.

Thanks for the PR! Installation Makefile is a nice addition, that didn’t occur to me. I left one comment on your PR, would you mind addressing it before I pull?

Heads up to anyone that tries to use this script: I found a bug in it that leaves Seafile server stopped after gc or repair run, working on fixing it.

K, the issue is closed, the server should now correctly restart after gc or repair is done.

For even more management you can use

Very cool, thanks!