Seafile Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS


has anybody already upgraded OS for seafile server to Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS? Does it work? Any problems?

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Yes, several people have upgraded to 18.04 LTS and Seafile works fine. The only problem I’m aware of is with the seafile command line app. I think it has problems with 18.04. The gui client for Linux and the server both work fine. Before upgrading to 18.04, I would go ahead and update Seafile Server to the latest version. If you use a Linux Client on the box, I would do the same there, just to be certain.

(Solved - Ubuntu 18.04 + Seafile server - not starting on system boot - #15 by joakimcs)

Thank you guys for your answers!

I noticed, that do-release-upgrade doesn’t show an available update yet. Think, I’ll better not upgrade via do-release-upgrade -d but I’ll wait until release becomes available.