Seafile Server OnlyOffice Integration missing `DocumentType` and files stay locked

When opening a document with OnlyOffice V6.2 the following error message appears:

The "documentType" parameter for the config object must take one of the values word/cell/slide.

This seems something that has to be fixed from the Seafile Server side if I’m not mistaken.

Furthermore documents seem to stay locked even when closing the OnlyOffice document editor (single and multi user edit all left the session for more than 15 min). The documents seem to have been saved to Seafile though.

@daniel.pan @Jonathan Can you please check and verify?

For the locking issue, we have just released a new version 7.1.15 with an improved file locking handling with OnlyOffice.

For the “documentType” problem, we will check it soon.


Thanks for the fast reply!

Waiting for the documentType fix before updating our systems. Hope this will be fixed soon too.


I just deployed ONLYOFFICE/Docker-DocumentServer, but I can preview/edit office file without this error message.

Can you provide us a test account of your Seafile service, so that we can login to your Seafile to reproduce this problem?

What version did u deploy exactly?
What edition? OnlyOffice CE or EE or DE? Please make sure to test with all versions when releasing as working. :slight_smile:

How are you talking to the document server? Valid/Signed Cert?

Nginx/Apache/HaProxy/ Anything else?

We are using the following setup according to the official OnlyOffice documentation.

USER --> Internet --> HaProxy (SSL Inject) --> Nginx (Internaly signed Cert) --> [OODS Nginx (Docker Image) --> OODS Service (Docker Image)]

Seafile pro 7.1.15

onlyoffice/documentserver:6.2 (docker image of Community Edition)


Cert from Let’sEncrypt

you can test it on with:

passowrd: foo