Seafile Server Pro 8

Is there a release plan for server pro 8 (or even a beta), i didn’t see anything on the roadmap of it.

I read a thread on on github if this is still an active project

1. There are less features to be updated. The Professional edition has more advanced features than the CE so it gets more updates. The professional edition is being paid may also be part of the reason ;-)

so where is the next version for the pro users or even the roadmap that contains the server 8 pro?

here i don’t see anything of a new pro version

PS: i’m just curious about it :wink:

All the changes will be included in the new Professional version. Some of the listed can only apply to PE because CE does not even support the features mentioned like GC improvement (CE only supports offline GC, so a database locking reduction is only relevant for Pro). Virus scan is also only pro. Locked files also.

First beta release also was a few hours ago. So yes, it is under development.

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