Seafile Server process creating new files after migration


I’m using seafile server for some time and I’ve migrated the data between servers a couple times - the last of which this week.

I’m syncing 435 GB as per the size listed in Libraries tab under System Admin - but my seafile folder size is currently at 895GB (and increasing) - more than double the actual size!

In the latest migration to a new server with a different hostname i used rsync with arguments avHz to copy the data folder across servers (hoping to preserve the Hard Links) - in previous migrations I had omitted the H flag.

After restoring data folder and databases I run seafile FSCK and Seafile GC; I’ve also cleaned databases and removed outdated library data with./ python-env seahub/ clear_invalid_repo_data In the end I had a total size on disk of 863GB.

Since the migration completed 2 days ago Seafile process hasn’t yet stopped working, even though all clients are offline, and it’s been creating new files the entire time - the current space on disk in 895GB and increasing. It is njow taking long in whatever is doing than the migration of data at 100mb/s capped network did!

What is Seafile doing in the background and why is it creating this new files? and how can I clean the extra space of old symlinks/hardlinks copied by rsync in previous migrations?

Thanks in advance for your help