Seafile server takes up a lot of space


seafile server version: 8.0.7 community edition
server version: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
hard disk size: 8TB

There is a serious problem with server space.
Looking from the admin panel, I should still have enough space.

but if you look at the console …

after launch ./ removed only 12 gigabytes.

why is so much space being used?
where to look for a problem?

deleted 350 gigabytes through Seafile, then stopped the server and started again ./ the problem persists, almost the entire space is still occupied.

separate libraries take obviously more. some don’t exist at all.

The “Info” in System Admin do not take the libraries’ history into account.

The value “Storage Used” is only the storage used by the current versions of your files in your libraries.

The previous versions are not included.

If you want to get rid of that, you need to a.) delete the history manual or b.) reduce the retention period of your libraries. The default retention period is “unlimited”. So yes, it piles up over time.

PS: You are not the only one to encounter this “problem” and there are plenty similar discussions here in the forum.

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