Seafile server (Ubuntu/Windows 10/Windows 7)

Hello everyone,

I have recently came on board with Seafile Client and Server. The motivation was to find something along the lines of drop box (synchronization/encryption capabilities). Operating systems which I currently use are: 1 x Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; 2 x windows 10 (work & home) and 1 x windows 7 (work).

I have been able to setup the client/server on ubuntu and other operating systems. Unfortunately the problem I am currently facing is after the computer restarts my server address (based on home/work network IP) is not working and I am currently receiving following error in client ‘Failed to get libraries information. Please retry’. Am I facing this issue due to server address being a dynamic IP which changes on a regular basis? Because of the issue I currently see exclamation mark and synchronization is not working.

I do happen to have created a domain at through recently. Is there any way I can use such domain in order for settings to remain same even after restart for all operating systems. I just want the service to work like Dropbox without facing any vulnerabilities of Dropbox software.

Currently server was only being used by me and my partner. Thus, I have had same username/password set on every machine as mentioned above. Only thing which has varied is server address which I have chosen as network IP.

Is there a work around this to setup default settings so seafile works just like Dropbox works as long as we have an internet connection? Also noticed in Windows 10 server do not start working automatically, but I have to double click on one of the files called ‘run.bat’ in order to start the server. Can I automate this process at boot for all operating systems?

Above are a lot of issues, but I really would like an assistance in order to continue to use Seafile as I do believe it has a lot of potential for my current circumstances.

Please advise.



In the tray icon of seafile server you’ll find a menu item “Install as windows service”. This would make seafile server auto start with the system. Check .

IIRC the DDNS provider would ask you to install a “updater” script that run on your computer, which periodically check the current ip address of your computer, and update the DNS record if the ip is changed. Consult the documentation with your DDNS provider please.

Thanks Shuai Lin for your assistance. I have few more questions and would highly appreciate if you could guide me:

I have now been able to synchronise both home computers (Ubuntu) & home laptop (windows 10). Issues I am currently facing are following:

1 I can use same server address (home IP address) to synchronise files/folders between Ubuntu & Windows 10. Issue is I receive ‘Failed to get library information’ message if laptop goes to sleep. Is this how seafile normally works? Message disappear and library gets synchronised the moment laptop (Windows 10) wakes up from sleep mode. Please advise;

2 Secondly, I have created hostname via; however whenever I put in server address, I receive same message ‘Failed to get libraries information’. I have even downloaded dynamic update client for Linux and windows 10 but not sure what I am currently not doing; and

3 Finally bought a work laptop home and upon putting server address of home IP in seafile client, work laptop has synchronised as well. However, it would be an unrealistic option as work server address is not same and how can I then be able to access home seafile server remotely?

Please provide assistance.