Seafile Server unavailable after Windows 10 "Fall Creators Update" - solved!

after Updating my Windows 10 with “Fall Creators Update” Seafile Server is unavailable with http error 503.
I’m using the latest Version 6.0.7 configured as https.
I have checked all the settings but can’t find any problem. Seafile Server starts and says everything is ok, but i just can’t access.
Any ideas?

Now I found some problem. The IIS Application Pool gets terminatet every time I try to connect witth https:

If I use http instead of https I can connect to the server.
Any ideas how to folve this?

Ik this does not help, but I always was told not to use a client system for server applications ever and expect them to work properly. I tell the same to you, just don’t do it except for testing purposed maybe.
You might use docker or virtual box and run Seafile there. This won’t cause much trouble when Microsoft changes something again without asking. :frowning:

You are right it doesn’t help and I disagree. I’m using Seafile and other “Server” applications with serer and client Windows OS since years and they work properly on both. As long as the hardware is ok and the systems are configured rigth it makes no difference. This might be differen in workgroups with more than 15 or 20 clients but in small units you don’t need a server in my opinion.

Ok now I could fix the problem. I just had to stop Seafile, delete the Web Site for Seafile in IIS and create it again. Now everything works again as it should.
Thanks for your help!