Seafile Server under Debian 11 Bullseye

For several months the release table has stated that Seafile 9.0.x will eventually support Debian 11, but nothing has been released yet.

Debian 11 has now been released for around a year and a half. I haven’t upgraded my servers with Debian 10 to version 11 just because of Seafile. In the first quarter of 2023, Debian will start preparing for the release of version 12 Bookworm. The Toolchain Freeze is today. Debian 12 may come out before the end of the year and I’m forced to still use Debian 10 because of Seafile.

I love Seafile, but the lack of support for a long-released Debian version annoys me.

There are voices on the forum claiming that Seafile doesn’t run with Python 3.9.2 which is included in Debian 11. Unfortunately I can’t check that. I installed Seafile 9 on a test server running Debian 11, which basically worked. Just the command pip install cffi==1.14.0 threw an error. I fixed this by installing the Debian python3-cffi package and changing a file in the seafile tree to accept version 1.14.5. I have to find out which file that was first.

What should I do?

I have run seafile on Raspberry Pi with bullseye. So it should also work on debian bullseye.


In Seafile version 10.0, the dependencies will be updated.

The preferred way is to use Docker based version, so we don’t need to spend too much time on dependency issues.

And do you use Python 3.9.2?

When version 10.0 will be release?

With Docker I cannot use an LDAP based user base.

10.0 will be released in February.

With Docker I cannot use an LDAP based user base.

The docker version also support LDAP. What problem do you have?

Yes I use Python 3.9.2.
But Seafile it is the Raspbery Pi version.

So far I haven’t found any documentation on how to do this. Nor how I migrate a server that has Seafile installed conventionally to a server that runs Seafile via Docker.

The LDAP in docker version is just the same as non-docker version. You just need to add the same settings to config files.

Since the release of debian 11, I have been using Seafile, and there are no problems working

I installed Seafile via Doker a while ago and was delighted with how fast it was. I was able to create users and store data, but I didn’t know where exactly this was stored. I never found out the connection to LDAP.

I installed OnlyOffice via Docker for this. But after Docker didn’t work after a server restart, I finally left Docker on the site until today.

While I’ve noticed that the primary way to install Seafile today is through Docker. Still, I’m suspicious of Docker. I can’t access the data like I’m used to. Everything is even more abstract than usual.

I’ll leave the Docker installation for later and roll out Seafile with Debian 11 now. After all, February is coming soon, then Seafile 10 is coming. Thank you very much for the information.

I specify that I do not use docker with seafile, I only use docker for onlyoffice and elasticsearch, which is easier to set up.
, if you install seafile on a freshly installed debian , following the manual , your server will not start , you will have to run before it is the following command line

sudo apt install -y libffi-dev
sudo pip3 install --force-reinstall --upgrade --target <SOMEPATH>/seafile-server-9.0.5/seahub/thirdpart cffi==1.14.6

OK, thank you.

Same here, using Seafile CE without any problem on Debian 11.