Seafile server version 6 doesn't start up after changing

Dear all,
Can anybody help me to find the reason why my seafile 6 isn’t running anymore (and how toi fix it):

I wanted to make a few simple changes to my clean installed seafile 6.

After changing these 2 lines Seafile doesn’t start.
In my search for the correct logfile entry which should tell me whats wrong, i did not fidn any reason why my seafile refuses to run after this change

Here is what i did Changed
ony these 2 entry’s
SITE_NAME = ‘test Server’
SITE_TITLE = ‘test Server’

These are the last entry’s of my seafile.log
[11/14/2016 09:21:57 AM] Disconnected from daemon
[11/14/2016 09:21:58 AM] …/common/mq-mgr.c(54): [mq client] mq cilent is started

pgrep tells me seafile is running
root@mycloud:/# sudo pgrep seafile

permissions are ok;
-rw------- 1 seafile nogroup 2300 May 31 18:36

Kind Regards

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The problem is not as editing de, but the installation.