Seafile shares folder path

Hi there

New to seafile and just learning the ropes.

When a share is made and appears under “Shared with me” it does not show the file path above it, is there a way this can be resolved

So for example Folder1>folder2>folder3

Folder 3 is shared.

So it appears in “Shared with me” as folder 3

Rather than appearing as Folder1>folder2>folder3 but with only showing the contents of folder 3 which is shared.

As if sharing subfolders the “shared with me” directory gets messy and hard to manage given the amount of directories there is if you are wanting to be specific or limited with your shares.

How is this handled? I would have assumed showing the path down to the shared directory would be logical as then this is identical for anyone who has this directory shared with them and will also group two folders in the same shared directory under one folder.

This is if there is a folder where you cannot share its entire contents, but only specific contents within

The folder should be nested within its parent folder on the share, that’s the wording I was looking for

Any comments on this from Seafile?

can someone from seafile respond to advise if this is something they will plan to offer

IE when a folder or file is shared to a user to nest this within its original directory so that you dont just have loads of individual folders shared with you rather the correct nested folder structure.

This is by design. The sharer may not want to expose the parent folder structure to others.

But also the sharer may want to provide a nested shared directory with specific folders shared within.

In order to maintain file paths and also complex folder structures.

Can this be considered as a feature request as a toggle or option for the sharer as I feel others may also want this option and it feel to me that both approaches would be wise

We don’t plan to add this feature.

Any chance you can consider this as an option for admin to say share file path or not? Could you see if other users would like this as I am sure you can understand why this would be valuable?