'Seafile stopped' when activating Camera Upload

Camera Upload was working in the past but when I disabled and reenabled it the App crashed. I tested this on two different Android devices (Android 5 and 7). Anyone else can test this?


Same here. It started after upgrading to server ver. 6.2.2 (fresh installation, no config/data migration)

Seafile 2.1.17 android 7 no upload problem, seafile 2.1.18 could not activate upload.
I’m using seafile pro 6.2.0 on Debian 9

What I needed to do was to clear cache in the app and then logout from the account then delete the Seafile app and then re-install it again.

After that it did start to work for me.

I just tried that but it doesn’t work for me.

I have the same problems, using seafile 2.1.18./ Android 6. Camera upload is not able to be activated.
The same Problem after clearing the cache and new installiert.

fix custom upload albums crash ,Seafile 2.1.20