Seafile stops working out of nowhere?

So Seafile has started to become a massive pain in my backside for me, nothing against the developers, but out of nowhere, the whole infrastructure just implodes and it stops working for some reason.

As of last night, my server stopped connecting clients, and no libraries or files can be accessed through already logged in ones. When logging in through a browser, the only place a logout and login works now, since logging in through the Windows client itself responds with “Failed to login, internal server error,” will simply kick out “Error.” No libraries, no files, no anything. Despite it working the night before. No config files have been changed with Seafile, I have it running as a Windows Service in the background, the only thing that has happened since last night was a Windows Virus scan that detected and deleted nothing, and a Malwarebytes Virus scan that did the same.

My only working theory is that port 13001, the port setup for “Client” in the ccnet config file, is being blocked. Which wouldn’t make sense, given that I’m forcing it open through my router. Yet it remains closed on my system when checked through websites that do so. The all-critical 8000 and 8082 ports are open however. Even changing 13001 to a known open port, in this case, 32400, did nothing to solve the problem.

The thing that’s angering me the most, is that it does this out of nowhere, seemingly breaking at random times where the server hasn’t been touched in several days. Everything else I push through my server is still up, Minecraft Server, Back-end website, PleX server, making Seafile the only one that spontaneously breaks.

The usual suspect of this issue, Windows Firewall, isn’t doing it either. So I’m at a loss. A pretty big one.

There is another Windows admin that reported issues with Seafile Server 6.0.7, why do you not run a reverse proxy like nginx/apache in front of seafile? – Way more stable!

The thing is, I would do that, although, my issue is that, I’m, not super knowledgeable when it comes to Apache or Nginx or anything like that. I just use flat Windows because it’s basically all I know how to configure. Anything with Linux, see, this is how illiterate I am when it comes to this, I don’t even know if Nginx or Apache has to do with Linux.

It’s all, just, sort of over my head.

I started as Windows admin and started with Linux in 2014, it is not that hard. Even as a Windows admin you will have to get used to the command line (PS) at some point. So grap youself some Linux tutorials and get going. youtube has tons of videos.