Seafile storage hard links

I try use sshfs as seafile data storage. But sshfs dont support hard links. Because this i cant mount sshfs to seafile-data/storage and copy my old data to new large sshfs mounted storage.
Is it possible put storage on network mounted file system like samba or sshfs?

Why not? What errors do you see?

Try copy /seafile-data/storage/blocks.
Recive midnight Commander copy error: “Cant make hard link”

Try use the cp command line directly, I’m sure you can tell it to deference hard links when copying.

Of course i can create real copies instead of hard links. But

  1. How will work seafile? Will seafile create real copies instead hard links, or it will be broken?
  2. It will have mach more disk space.

Seafile can’t work on file systems that not support hard link.