Seafile Storage

I have just installed a new Seafile server on linux, I just copied the data with the PC client on the server and I would like to know why there is a big difference in the storage space.
I have not deleted any files since the server started, so I did not use seafile-gc.
Seafile divides the data into blocks of 1 MB to store the data, if a file makes 0.5 MB is what seafile will use 1 MB?

This is because some time ago the user space calculation was changed. In early versions of Seafile 1 GB were 1024 MB. Now this is 1000 MB for 1 GB (Diffrence Gibibyte/Gigabyte).

I already noticed that the library calculation did not change but until today the devs did not correct this. @daniel.pan


555,3 Gibibyte = 596,2 Gigabyte

thank you for the explanations