Seafile terminal client permission errors

I use the terminal client to sync the cloud seafile server to a local truenas server that i use as a backup. frequently i get permission error messages. the latest is “permission is denied on server” I am syncing it with the owner of the library, no permissions have been modified. this is not the first time i run into this problem, frequently i have to unsync and sync the library to get this working but it is very time consuming when you have alot of customers and libraries you have to worry about. i wish this was more robust
@Jonathan @daniel.pan when you install using the repository it install 8.0.5

The client will get and store the sync auth token for the library when you sync it for the first time. If somehow the token is removed from the server, you will get a permission deny.

It is likely the password of the user is reset causing the sync tokens to be removed.

the password didnt get reset for sure its an account that is just used for syncing. also i am two factor authentication so i put the tfa number when i do the sync i dont know if that makes a difference . its doing it on some libraries but not others. also when i have to resync usually i will get someone that says they lost work. extremely frustrating

Can you post related log messages from the client’s log?

Also which version of server do you use? Do you use NFS mount or local disk for server storage?

im using 9.0.5 pro , no nfs or scsi . i sent you the logs via email because it was too large. this happened a few weeks ago and on one library around 1 weeks ago so i sent you around 1 month of logs. also heres a screenshot of whats its saying

From your log, the permission error is due to some file locked on the server. The error is not obvious from the cli client. If you use GUI client, it will be shown in the file syncing error dialog.